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Raising Boys to Be Great Men

Raising Boys to Be Great Men

Parents from Brisbane Christian College and beyond were privileged to attend an amazing parent event on Tuesday, 1 May with Peter Janetzki (profile). Peter’s presentation entitled ‘Raising Boys to Be Great Men’ was informative, challenging and encouraging. It was definitely an evening which will long be remembered.

A brief summary of Peter’s tips on raising boys:

Parenting Tip #1
Boys are NOT the same as girls

Parenting Tip #2
A boy’s brain is different to a girl’s brain

Parenting Tip #3
Boys are action-orientated

Parenting Tip #4
Words, words, WORDS!
Boys express emotions through movement

Parenting Tip #5
Three key phrases

Parenting Tip #6
Manhood is NOT a biological process
Connect choices with consequences

Parenting Tip #7
Four archetypes of masculinity:
1 – Peter Pan bloke
2 – Modern day eunich
3 – Arrogant bloke
4 – Potent bloke

Parenting Tip #8
Getting from boyhood to manhood

Parenting Tip #9
Boys must be taught to embrace their power and use it for the good of the community

Parenting Tip #10
Manage the battles for strength

Peter’s concluding remarks reinforced the importance of parents in the process of raising boys:

  • Boys need affirmation from both their mother and father.
  • There are times when Dads need to step-up and Mums need to let go.
  • Boys need clear age-appropriate boundaries which are enforced.
  • Love and accept them for who they are in spite of what they do.
  • Affirm their sense of identity when they feel confused.
  • If you perceive problems, get help early.

Peter’s next event will cover the topic of ‘Raising Girls’ on Tuesday, 7 August. More details will be available on the College Community Hub very soon.

Mrs Loris Henry
College Counsellor

We have been given permission by Peter Janetzki for these slides to be distributed for your reference, however, they are not to be used to present with.

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- May 22, 2018

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