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A Deeper Heart for Other People

A Deeper Heart for Other People

When we return to school after a holiday, we commonly get asked the questions of ‘what did you do?’ and ‘how did you spend your time?’ However, for a small group of Years 10 to 12 students, we returned to school from Cambodia with not only stories, but new friends, a closer relationship with God, a broader understanding of poverty and corruption, and many inside jokes between us.

Over the September holidays, with Brisbane Christian College’s first independent Cambodian Missions team, we had the privilege of building a Community Centre entirely out of bamboo. We also provided emergency flood relief for victims of Cambodia’s worst flood in twenty years, and we ran a community fun day for close to 300 local children.

The experience was impacting and inspiring as we were taught to count our blessings, love all people and recognise their worth, and realise that the smallest acts of kindness or service do make a difference. When providing emergency flood relief, I visited a house which had six people living in it, including twin babies, and yet the floor was under water. Despite the cramped and heartbreaking living conditions, the families were all welcoming, loving and beyond grateful for everything they had or were given. On the community day, we were surrounded with children who were thrilled with a high five and satisfied with the small meal they received. For many, the meals we distributed would have been the only food they ate that day.

Through exploring the poorest areas, enduring the humidity, working alongside locals, and experiencing the joy and strength of every individual despite everything they are forced to endure, we developed a deeper heart and love for other people, and a stronger appreciation for our blessings.

Esther Nowland
Year 11 Student

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- October 16, 2018

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