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World Music

World Music

This term, our Year 9/10 Music class has been studying ‘World Music’ and music from other cultures. This unit is particularly interesting, as it gives insight as to how music from some cultures influences others, and how music connects the people of the world.

On Monday, 5 November we were privileged to have our very own groundsman, Mr Oscar Hurtado, bring several of his own instruments from Central and Latin America to our class. He explained to us the importance of each one, discussed how and when they would be used, and gave us short but entertaining demonstrations. After demonstrating himself, he passed the instruments around for us to try. Despite it being very entertaining to watch each other’s efforts, it became evident to us very quickly that none of us would be playing in a Latin American band anytime soon.

The highlight of Mr Hurtado’s visit for me was being able to see and watch the instruments that we have been learning about, played right before us by someone so passionate about his music and culture. I can’t wait to see how the rest of this unit plays out!

Emily Dutton
Year 10 Student

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- November 6, 2018

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