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Instrumental Music Concert 2019

Instrumental Music Concert 2019

On Thursday, 5 September, 120 students from the Primary, Middle and Secondary campuses performed solos, duets and small ensemble items at our annual Instrumental Music Concert, an event designed to display all of the work students have poured into growing as musicians. Our music program has expanded so much over the last several years that three sessions were required to display the talent of only a fraction of our budding pianists, string, brass and woodwind players, singers and drummers. As a Year 12 student who has performed at every Instrumental Concert since Year 3, seeing this evolution has been quite remarkable. The performances on the night were spectacular: amazing drum solos including those given by Tatiyana Juillard and Joshua Riek; the  sweet vocal and string performances and the polished piano pieces such as those played by Owen Rasmono, Peter and Laura Bigg and Amity Hooker. One of the personal highlights was violinist, Stella Palmby, a Year 4 student who has risen to the challenge of Senior String Ensemble. She has set an example for her peers through her eagerness, dedication to improving as a musician and ability to persevere through nerves to give a beautiful performance. My last concert was bittersweet as I have to leave behind an event that has been so significant in building my confidence and musicianship, but I also look forward to returning in future years to see our music program expand even further and to witness similar growth in other students.

Mikaela Baggen
Year 12 student/ Music Captain

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- September 16, 2019

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