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College Houses

Historical Champions

2017: Newton
2016: Pascal
2015: Livingstone
2014: Pascal
2013: Pascal

2012: Livingstone
2011: Pascal
2010: Livingstone
2009: Livingstone
2008: Livingstone

House Champions

2018 Inter-House Points Champion: Newton
Academic House Shield: Newton
Sport House Shield: Newton
Culture House Shield: Wesley

Primary House Champions


(Royal Blue)
Cassie René Bernall (1981-1999)
Bernall was an American high school student who became an inspiration for young people around the world. In the face of danger she had the courage to stand up for her faith and affirm her belief in God.

Head of House: Mr Pasa Alyuz
House Captains: Jayden Doedens and Owen Kwok
Primary House Captains: Elias San Martin and Jasmine Muller


(Sky Blue)
William Carey (1761-1834)
Named after author and missionary to India William Carey

Head of House: Mrs Christine Thomas
House Captains: Abigail Consalvo and Thomas Shelton
Primary House Captains: Evie Crosthwaite and Nevaeh Mooney


David Livingstone (1813-1873)
Livingstone was a Scottish missionary to Africa who, while preaching and healing the natives, explored and discovered areas of Africa unknown to white man.

Head of House: Mr Ian Lloyd
House Captains:  Peter Bigg
Primary House Captains: Dani Cherian and Jean Yoo


John Newton (1725‐1807)
Named after the composer of ‘Amazing Grace’ and abolitionist John Newton.

Head of House: Mr Matthias Allen-Ankins
House Captains: Amelia Nguyen and Joshua Leung
Primary House Captains: Isabel Madan and Sian Andrews


(Emerald Green)
Blaise Pascal (1633-1662)
Pascal was born in France and believed that ‘there is a God-shaped vacuum in the heart of every man which cannot be filled by any created thing, but only by God the Creator, made known through Jesus Christ’.

Head of House: Mrs Kirsty-anne Stewart
House Captains: Brooklyn Sinn and Connor Bingham
Primary House Captains: Angus Cleland and Shekhinah Forrester


John Wesley (1703-1791)
Named after John Wesley who Jesus used to bring revival in the UK.

Head of House: Mr Gordon Hooker
House Captains: Toyin Osunkoya and Jarred Condon
Primary House Captains: Judah Morrison and Mikayla Tay

Sport Code of Conduct for parents and caregivers

College parents and caregivers are expected to:

  • Come under the authority of the College Sports Coordinator.
  • Respect the authority of the College Principal or Sports Coordinator to remove any person or persons who do not conform to the acceptable standards of behaviour.
  • Co-operate with the school to achieve the best outcomes for all children.
  • Support team and event officials in maintaining a safe and respectful learning environment for all students.
  • Encourage participation by their child.
  • Provide a model of good sportsmanship for all children to copy.
  • Be courteous and constructive in their communication with competitors, team officials, game officials and sport administrators.
  • Encourage honest effort, skilled performance and team loyalty.
  • Not interfere with the conduct of any events.
  • Remember that children participate in sport for their enjoyment not yours.

Sport Code of Conduct for spectators

Spectators at events at which Brisbane Christian College is participating are expected to:

  • Demonstrate appropriate social behaviour all events.
  • Remember that children play for enjoyment and ensure their behaviour does not detract from that enjoyment.
  • Let game officials conduct events without interference.
  • Support skilled performances and team play with generous applause.
  • Demonstrate respect for opposing players and their supporters.
  • Support our policy of a smoke and alcohol free environment.

Consequences for breaches of this code by parents, caregivers and spectators

Team managers and event organisers may deal immediately with any breaches of this code by warning offenders about their conduct, asking offenders to leave venues and calling police to intervene where necessary. Brisbane Christian College Sport is responsible for imposing any longer term consequences such as written warnings, or barring attendance at future events for a period or indefinitely.