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Student Bus Code of Conduct

The Bus Code of Conduct is a key element in ensuring the comfort of passengers and the safe operation of the College bus fleet. The purpose is to prevent unnecessary distraction of the driver whose attention needs to be focused on traffic and road conditions as well as ensuring respect and safe travel for passengers and other road users. The College expects our students to conduct themselves on the College buses, in a manner consistent with the College Values:

  • Honour Jesus Christ
  • Empower others
  •  Aspire to excellence
  •  Respect others and self
  • Develop dynamic relationships

College rules and codes of behaviour continue to apply while travelling on the College transport system. The following are examples of expected behaviour of students while travelling on the College buses:

  1. Treat your driver with respect.
  2. Students will only enter the bus with the driver’s permission and in the presence of either a teacher or the driver. Entry will always be in an orderly manner.
  3. Students must remain seated at all times, with their seatbelts correctly worn and engaged during the bus travel. No standing on or climbing over bus seats or walking freely around the bus.
  4. Feet must remain off bus seats at all times.
  5. Food and drink etc. are not to be consumed while on the bus at any time (excursions and sport included).
  6. Vandalism will result in a bill for damages sent to the offending student’s family.
  7. Violent or offensive behaviour is not acceptable. Teasing and other bullying between students will not be tolerated. Appropriate respect for fellow students is to be shown at all times.
  8. Quiet chatting on the bus is acceptable. Loud, raucous or unruly behaviour or conversations will be asked to cease.
  9. School bags are to be stowed under the seats, not in the bus aisles.
  10. Students must not adjust the bus mirrors.
  11. Students are not permitted to open the bus windows.
  12. Students must not hang any part of their body outside the bus window, regardless of whether the bus is moving or not.
  13. Do not throw anything out of the bus.

Consequences for Breach of this Code

To ensure safe and comfortable travel for passengers and drivers alike, there are consequences for students who are unable, or unwilling to follow the intention or guidelines contained in this Code. Breaches of this Code will be addressed as follows:

  1. A warning will be given directly to the student by their respective bus driver with clear instructions on how to improve. The bus driver will give a copy of this warning directly to the College Bus Coordinator who will then make a follow up phone call to the student’s parent/guardian, as well as an email sent to the student’s Head of House, explaining the situation and what is required of their student to continue to travel on the College bus;
  2. If insufficient improvement is made in the student’s behaviour on the bus within a reasonable time period, then the student will have their seat reallocated by their bus driver and advise the student that their behaviour will be reported to their Head of Campus. Another phone call will be made by the College Bus Coordinator to the student’s parent/guardian regarding their student’s lack of improvement as well as an email sent to the Head of Campus;
  3. If the student continues to breach the Code, the Bus Coordinators assessment may result in the student’s bus privileges being temporarily suspended.

In matters not specifically covered by this Code, students of the College will observe the principles outlined in the College Code of Behaviour (as set out in the Student Success Diary) concerning the dignity of each person, respect for each other and their property and mutual cooperation.