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Middle & Secondary Uniforms

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General Guidelines
Uniforms should be clean, ironed and kept in good repair. College Uniforms can be purchased three ways: through the College Uniform Shop at the Middle and Secondary Campus, through The School Locker store located at Shop 6, The Zone, 2118 Ipswich Road, Oxley or online at

The Secondary dress uniform should be worn Monday to Thursday unless students have been informed by their teacher that they have a practical sport lesson on a particular day.

Uniform must be neat and correctly worn when travelling to and from the College, or anytime a student is in public and outside of the College.

The Heads of Houses have the final say as to what is an acceptable deviation from the uniform standard. Any uniform deviations are to be explained in a note from a parent.

Hair must be neat, tidy and well groomed. Crew cuts, dramatic hair styles including asymmetrical designs, tracks or cuts less than a number 3 blade, dramatic changes in length and dreadlocks are not acceptable. Hair colour must be a single natural colour with no streaks, highlights, or visible root or tip colour difference.

Boys’ are to be clean shaven and their hair must be cut above the collar and ears and away from the eyes so as not to obstruct vision. Boys are not to wear hair ties and should be in a style enabling a hat to be worn.

Girls’ hair should be tied back with plain black, white or navy hair ties and silver or gold clips, in a style that enables a hat to be worn. Hair should be neatly groomed away from their eyes so as not to obstruct vision.

Parents/ carers are responsible for ensuring that their child/ren wear their hats to school and apply sunscreen prior to arriving at school each morning. Please ensure hats are named clearly inside and free from graffiti.

The correct hat is to be worn with each uniform and brought to every class every day.

Make-up and Jewellery
Students may wear a watch and a small cross pendant under their shirt or blouse.

Girls may wear one pair of sleepers in their ear lobe, alternatively, small gold or silver studs can be worn but must not be bigger than 3mm in diameter.

Students are not permitted to wear make-up, nail polish or any additional jewellery while in their College uniform.

Dress Uniform
Shorts/Trousers: Years 6–8 boys are to wear shorts, but may wear trousers in the cooler weather. Year 9–12 boys are to wear trousers with their blazer.
Belts: A black leather belt with a plain silver buckle is to be worn with the boys’ Secondary dress trousers.
Ties: Boys are to wear their ties in Terms 2 and 3. Year 9–12 boys are also to wear a tie when wearing their blazer.

Blazers: Secondary Students are to wear their blazers on Thursdays, in cold weather and on all other formal occasions. College jumpers may be worn under the blazer for additional warmth. Boys are to wear the secondary College tie with their blazer. The College sports jacket is optional and may only be worn with the sports uniform. The College jumper may be worn with either uniform.

Stockings: Girls who wish to wear stockings with their formal uniform may do so. Only skin coloured stockings are permitted. Socks must not be worn when wearing stockings.

On a day-to-day basis students are to use the Brisbane Christian College backpack as part of the College uniform.

During off-campus events, the College duffel bag may be used as an alternative to the College back pack.

Bars, Badges and Pins
Years 6–8 girls: Colour bars are worn on the tie.
Years 6–8 boys: Colour bars are worn on the collar.
Years 9–12: Positional badges are worn on the right lapel of the blazer and colour badges are worn on the left lapel of the blazer.

Sports and Representative Sports Uniform
Track Suit: Years 6–12:   The College sports track suit may be worn with the sports uniform.
Representative Sport: Secondary students participating in representative sport will have Brisbane Christian College representative shirts issued to them for particular events. They are required to purchase representative sport shorts and College excursion bag, and if necessary College football socks. The representative sport uniform is only to be worn when representing the College in a competition. It is not to be worn in place of the sports uniform on normal school days.  

Middle School Uniform

Middle School students are to wear their sports uniforms on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Middle School PE lessons have been timetabled to line up with sports uniform days. Variations to this are as follows:

  • On Fridays, Years 7 and 8 may wear their House Colors shirt, and
  • Year 6 students are invited to wear their 2019 Primary Graduation shirt.

House shirts: House shirts are not to be worn in place of the sports uniform on normal school days. Middle School can wear house shirts on Fridays.

Senior Jersey
Year 12 students may wear their senior jersey with their sports uniform.

Dress Shoes: Black leather lace-up dress shoes (low heel, clean and polished). Leather sport or street shoes are not suitable.
Sports Shoes: Supportive cross training shoes must be worn. Shoes that offer little support or grip (e.g. skate shoes and canvas) are unsafe and are not to be worn. Fluoro coloured shoes are not to be worn.

Swim suits must be modest. Girls must wear a one piece swim suit or a swim shirt. College swim caps are to be worn when representing the College.

Free Dress Day
Clothing worn on free dress days needs to be modest with appropriate messages and designs. Singlets, spaghetti straps, low cut or midriff tops are not permitted. Shorts and skirts should be no shorter than the College sport shorts. Shoes need to be suitable for the day’s classes, e.g. joggers (sport) or closed shoes (workshop). Thongs are not to be worn. A sun safe hat is still essential. No skate or roller shoes.