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Primary Personal Excellence

Behaviour Management System

Our behaviour management system is built on Christian values and underpinned with the principles of GRACE, LOVE and FORGIVENESS. The process of managing behaviour at Brisbane Christian College aims to be one of restoration and begins with efforts to help students to make good choices. Unfortunately, at times, children make poor choices and there is the need for a response. The Primary School uses a process of reflection to work through these choices with the children. Depending on the seriousness of the choices, different levels of reflection are implemented as per our Character Development document.

To help staff and students understand good behaviour the concept of rights and responsibilities are introduced outlined below. Students and staff have ‘rights’ which all members of the Brisbane Christian College community should respect. Equally, all students and staff have the ‘responsibility’ to respect the rights of others.

Mobile Phones and Electronic Devices

At Brisbane Christian College all of our children have access to many IT and digital resources to assist them in their learning and education in the classroom. There is no need for children to bring mobile phones to the College for educational purposes.

It is acknowledged that many of our children now carry mobile phones for added security for before and after school. Where this is the case, children must not have the phone on their person once they school day has commenced. In Primary, mobile phones must be handed in at Student Services at the College Office for the duration of the school day.

Mobile phones sighted during the school day, whether during class time or break time, will be removed from the child and returned to them at the completion of the day. A child who repeatedly does not comply with this policy, will have their phone removed and their parent contacted to collect it.

Where a parent wishes to get in contact with their child during the school day, they can continue to do so by calling the College Office. Where a child wishes to contact their parent, they can also continue to do so via the College phones.

Lost Property

Each day, a number of unnamed items are handed in to Lost Property.  Lost Property is kept outside of our Student Services window at the College Office for both parents and students to look for lost items. Please ensure all items of your child’s uniform, lunch box, drink bottle, etcetera are all named. Please check periodically that your child’s name has not worn off and can easily be read.

First Aid

All medication must be kept at the College Office.  Should children need to take regular medication, parents can complete a request form for this purpose.  Please see our College First Aid Officers for more information.

School is not a good place for sick children.  If children are showing signs and symptoms of illness, please keep them home from school and take them to a doctor for treatment.

The Department of Health guidelines for any child who has been vomiting or had diarrhea states that children should be excluded from school until there has not been a loose motion or vomit for twenty-four hours.

Parents should familiarise themselves with Parent Lounge, where they can update all information e.g. emergency contact details, medical details, change of address, etcetera.


Students are expected to arrive at the College by 8.30am.

Students who regularly arrive late to school miss important notices and instructional time and disrupt classes. Arriving at 8.30am will allow students to be ready for their first class which begins promptly at 8:35am. If a student arrives late to school they are to sign in at the Student Services window. Students will receive a ‘late note’ which must be presented to teachers as they go to class.  Students should not arrive at school before 8.15am, as there is no student supervision before this time. Children who need to be dropped off at school before 8.15am should be enrolled in a Before School Care program. Details are below.

Any child leaving school during the school day will need to be signed out by a parent at the Primary School Office.

School finishes at 2.50pm (Prep – Yr 1) and 3.00pm (Years 2 – 5).  Students should be collected promptly from school in the afternoon.  All students must be collected by 3.30pm, as teachers are in meetings and preparation after this time, and no supervision is provided for students.  Parents who are unable to collect their children by 3.30pm should ensure the children are enrolled in an After School Care program such as the program run at the primary campus by Life Church.  For details on this program, parents should contact the Life Church School Age Care Director, Tiarna Redfern on 0498 956 651 or