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Vicky Jones
Vicky Jones
Head of Middle School

The verb ‘to belong’ can have a number of different meanings. When referring to people, there is the connotation of being a member of a particular group or organisation. In order to belong, we must have an affinity for a specified place or situation or subscribe to the same set of values. We also need to fulfill certain pre-requisite characteristics in order to be a member of a particular group. (

Does your child belong in Middle School at Brisbane Christian College?

Is your child aged between 10 to 14 years old? Do they enjoy learning in a variety of environments? Are they active? Inquisitive? Fun-loving?

These are just a few of the many characteristics that our Middle School teachers have identified in our children through ‘profiling’. Our team observed, recorded and analysed the attributes and behaviors that are endemic of our developing learners. Our Middle School team know that the more insight we have into our children, the better we can meet their needs as teachers.

This is why there is a constant hum of activity permeating through our ‘learning hub’. Walking through E block you’re likely to see a class participating in an outdoor activity, another doing ‘brain break’ exercises, the Year 6 classes combining for a large group lesson, and on Friday mornings, the Year 7s undergoing their ‘Fitness Friday’ sessions on the basketball court. The Middle School team are learning from research and personal experience that activity and variety contribute to the success of learning at this stage of a child’s development.

Along with the fun learning environment is the caring nature of our team who go above and beyond the required expectations in loving each individual under their care.

Does your child fit the characteristics of a Middle School learner? Do they enjoy the challenge and encouragement of being immersed in a nurturing personalised learning environment?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ – then they definitely belong in Middle School at Brisbane Christian College.

Mrs Vicky Jones
Head of Middle School 

Mrs Patricia Summers
Years 6, 7 & 9 Parent

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- August 27, 2018

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