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Bounding Ahead!

Bounding Ahead!

Zilea Simpson
Mrs Zilea Simpson
Head of Pre-Prep

Play is an important learning instrument for our children at Pre-Prep.  It is intrinsically motivating, promotes learning and enables children to gain further skills that will assist their overall development.

Whilst playing with others, our children create social groups, test out ideas, challenge each other’s thinking and build new understanding. This empowers them to make choices and problem-solve to meet their needs in particular contexts. This leads to a sense of wellbeing and feelings of “I belong here. I’m important. I can do these things”. 

When our children are involved in make-believe play, they make use of pictures they have created in their minds to recreate past experiences. This is a form of abstract thinking. Setting a table in home corner for a meal, counting out change when playing shopping, dialing a telephone and setting the clock promotes the use of math skills. Adding such things as magazines, road signs, pretend food, paper and pencils assists children in developing literacy skills.

Our children are given continuous access to open-ended materials such as blocks, art supplies and creative play items to help spark their imagination and motivation to try new things. These activities encourage connections, excitement and energy. We have witnessed inspiring creations, excellent teamwork and brilliant problem solving skills amongst the children. This love of learning will support lifelong growth, success and achievement, as well as an appreciation of the gifts and talents that God has given us.

Thank you to our families who contribute to the teaching and learning program. Our parents’ involvement allows us to further extend each child’s interests, abilities and knowledge. For example, the children’s respect for diversity increased when parents brought in multi-cultural artefacts from various countries for the children to discuss and explore.  We have had parents come in to give talks, share practical demonstrations and bring in resources to enhance our topic discussions. These contributions give the children the benefits and pleasures of shared exploration of new ideas and add to their feelings of connectedness and wellbeing here at Pre-Prep.

Mrs Zilea Simpson
Head of Pre-Prep

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- September 10, 2018

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