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Another year of fun and fellowship in Wesley House

Another year of fun and fellowship in Wesley House

This year we have been blessed with the leadership of Deema Rizk and Jeremy Abraham, our College House Captains. They have been outstanding leaders and set a great example to their peers. Jeremy’s quiet approach to just getting in and being the best athlete possible has inspired many to participate in the various carnivals throughout the year. Deema has a beautiful servant heart and is to be commended for how she leads her Family Group and the House.

This year we moved into the new classrooms in the Senior Secondary Precinct for Family Group and House assemblies, saying goodbye to the Drama Room that has sheltered us since moving to this campus. It has been good to have all our Family Groups in the one place and enjoy the flexibility of this new space. I look forward to all that we have on offer as we grow into our new home. I particularly love the deep red walls in one room. This has quickly become a spiritual home.

I love visiting our Family Groups in the morning and during the lesson on Mondays. There are great examples of how they get along. On any given visit I can witness anything from card games, study and tutoring, epic handball competitions, and quiet conversations. All these activities are never year level specific and many times, I see young and older students sharing and laughing as part of the big family.  

Once again, we may not have been as successful as hoped on the sporting field, however, the vision of our Family Group structure is for a loving, caring support network where all can feel safe and included.

Wesley House is very good at that.

Mr Gordon Hooker
Head of Wesley House

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- December 26, 2018

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