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Our Curriculum Landscape in 2018

Our Curriculum Landscape in 2018

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Mrs Dionne Juillard
Head of Curriculum/Teaching and Learning

Firstly, all honour and glory to our Heavenly Father who inspires us to be creative, to have ambitions, and to run our race with humility and grace. Thank you to our College Board and College Management Team who have enabled us as a Primary campus, to have a Head of Curriculum Teaching and Learning for the first time. We are so blessed to serve a College Board whose desire is to see excellence and growth in all areas of our children’s lives.

What a year it has been in Teaching and Learning! Our Primary has enjoyed significant achievements both in and out of the classroom. From our students’ academic achievements in ICAS testing, placing some of our children in the top 1% of Australia, to our outstanding NAPLAN data. Overall, our Primary was placed 53rd out of more than 800 schools. We continue to see our academic achievements increase every year, making way for new targets and goals in 2019.

‘Those teachers who are students of their own impact are the teachers who are the most influential in raising students’ achievement.’ John A.C. Hattie

To unpack this quote, teachers must be committed to their own learning journeys. With this in mind, our staff have embarked on many professional development opportunities as we constantly improve our professional practice. We know that, to have classrooms full of inspired and engaged children, we ourselves must be inspired and engaged teachers.

To strengthen this goal, we as a College work together to build strong connections in learning experiences across the Years P-12. Our hope and aim in this is to ensure that our College is offering the best to our children in all learning areas.

It’s been a great year working alongside Mrs Hayley Kopittke, our Head of Pastoral Care, as together we focus on both the academic and spiritual well-being of our children. Lastly, thank you to our dynamic Head of Primary, Mr Matthew Nicholson, who continues to stretch our capacity through innovation as we prepare our children to thrive in an ever-changing landscape.


Mrs Dionne Juillard
Head of Curriculum/Teaching and Learning

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- January 1, 2019

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