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Pre-Prep – A Playground for Learning

Pre-Prep – A Playground for Learning

Zilea Simpson
Zilea Simpson
Pre-Prep Centre Director

At Pre-Prep, our families have successfully settled in to the beginning of another amazing year. It has been a privilege for us to get to know all of our wonderful families and to begin to build genuine relationships founded on respect, empathy and trust.

We endeavour to provide an environment where the children feel comfortable, secure and loved at all times. In our welcoming environment, the diversity of our families and communities, and the aspirations they hold for their children are respected. We welcome and encourage our families to contribute to classroom activities and to their child’s experiences in ways that are meaningful to them.  

Play is the context for the children’s learning. We value and encourage their efforts and contributions to participate in their own learning. One of the greatest benefits of playing is to assist our children with the development of their social competence. Children can build relationships, learn to resolve conflicts, negotiate and regulate their behaviours. In play, our children usually have increased feelings of success and optimism as they act as their own agents and make their own choices. Playing is also a known stress release; it is often linked to child wellbeing. Many aspects of learning, such as curiosity, openness, optimism, resilience, concentration and creativity, are developed while they play at Pre-Prep.  

It is a privilege for us as teachers to observe and be involved with the ways that the children are building positive approaches to learning, and engage in ways to be imaginative and creative. They are becoming resourceful servant leaders who live with dignity and care for others for the glory of God.

Mrs Zilea Simpson
Pre-Prep Centre Director

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- March 19, 2019

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