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2019 NAIDOC Celebrations

2019 NAIDOC Celebrations

This year, the Primary School went all out in their NAIDOC (National Australian Indigenous Day of Celebration) celebrations. It was the first time in our College’s history that our own Indigenous students performed traditional dances. We were very proud of each of them.

Lower Primary enjoyed five rotations where the children were exposed to traditional art, games and stories through the eyes of Indigenous Australians in our community. We were delighted that we could connect with the Murri School at Acacia Ridge, who danced for us and helped create the opportunity for Uncle Cheg to come and visit us once again. We were also excited to have Mrs Vicky Jones, along with her daughter Claudia (a well renowned Indigenous Artist), and the Middle School student leaders (SEALS) to help create a wall mural for the Primary School. It is not quite finished yet, so this is a space to watch in the near future.

Upper Primary were immersed in a virtual reality experience. The students learnt about the importance of storytelling and were taken along a three-dimensional journey describing the Indigenous Australian story of creation. With the use of virtual reality headsets, students experienced life as an Indigenous person in the outback, collecting bush tucker and tracking animals. All students thoroughly enjoyed this experience and learnt more about the lifestyle of Indigenous Australians.

All of the children had a great day and it will be one to be remembered well into the future. Thank you to all parents and teachers who made this day such a success.

Mrs Amanda O’Sullivan
Year 3 Teacher

On Thursday, 7 March, the SEAL Leadership Team and a few teachers went over to the Primary Campus to help out with a NAIDOC Day art activity that we called, ‘Claudia’s Corner.’  While we were there, Mrs. Jones’ daughter, Claudia came to assist us and talk about the project to the kids. Claudia is an Aboriginal woman with a passion for art. Some of her works are even displayed in GOMA! She is truly an inspiration and adored by many.

So on this day, students from Prep to Year 3 helped Claudia to draw on a ten foot long artwork to be displayed at the Primary School. The SEALs showed amazing leadership in making ‘Claudia’s Corner’ run as smoothly as possible. Some of the SEALs even decided that they wanted to become teachers because of the experience they had. The SEALs were able to organise and calm the kids, letting them have fun. Everyone had a blast.

We all enjoyed the whole event with lots of laughter, love and fun. We believe that this year’s NAIDOC day will not be forgotten by any SEAL any time soon. It was the most amazing day! We all learnt something new, grew together a little more as a whole, became better friends and became a fully together cohort of SEALs.

We would to thank our great mentors, Mrs Jones and Mrs Summers. We thank and appreciate the opportunities you have given to us.

Jasmine Scott, David Summers, Joanna Raja and Abigail Hope

SEAL Leadership Learning is an enrichment opportunity offered to Middle School students.

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- March 25, 2019

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