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It is All About the One and Knowing Our Children

It is All About the One and Knowing Our Children

Sean Morrison
Sean Morrison
College Principal

When I arrived at the College in December 2010, I was so aware that Jesus was the reason for our Church and our College. I had the opportunity to spend time with Pastor Chris Peterson, the founding Pastor of the College under Life Church, and in all my conversations with him and with our Senior Pastor Geoff, it was clear the ‘why’ for our Church and College was to see our families and children flourish through the love, grace and power of Jesus Christ.

I recall in one of my first meetings with our thirty-five faithful team members, I shared that I believed Jesus would only bring children to Southside Christian College (as the College was known then) if Jesus knew that HIS children would come to know HIM through each of us. If this desire was not living in our hearts for every child and family, why would Jesus bring children into our community?

As you are aware my two boys are under the prayerful leadership of our College because I know that every day they are being encouraged, loved and inspired to move towards their destiny in Christ. The heart of our team in 2010 has only become stronger, deeper and more intentional in seeing every child impacted for Christ through real and deep partnerships with our children and our parents.

The Lord has been so faithful to us as HE has directed us to add structures within our College that would always support and love the one, while developing dynamic relationships. When we first implemented these new strategies we were walking by faith not by sight, in obedience:

  1. Two-year cycle with the same teacher throughout Primary
  2. Increase in College Chaplains
  3. Increase from three to six Houses to ensure House numbers stay smaller
  4. Introduction of the Family Groups for Years 6-12 children (each child stays with the same adult and group of children over their seven years on the Middle and Secondary Campus)
  5. Heads of Year travelling with the same groups of children and parents from Years 9-12
  6. Introduction of our Middle School Learning Hub where our children are taught by the same Christ-centered teacher for 70% of their classes in the same classroom in Years 6 and 7
  7. Subject teachers staying with the same class for two or more years wherever possible in Years 9-12.

The Lord is continuing to direct us to become HIS experts in loving the one little person in our care while always gaining a deeper and more real understanding of who our children are, how they learn and how much the Father loves each of your children.

It is a privilege to lead our team who every day pray, encourage and love our children.

With all my hope in Christ,

Sean Morrison

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- June 11, 2019

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