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Pre-Prep & Primary – Term 3 Week 7 (2020)

The College Management Team are continuing to check all the latest information regarding the COVID-19 health responses. CLICK here to access up-to-date Queensland Health information.


This year’s ICAS tests will be taking place across three weeks in August/September, which commenced two weeks ago.

We are on our last week of ICAS tests and the time table is as follows:
Maths (Tuesday 01/09 Primary, Monday 31/08 M&S)
Spelling (Thursday 03/09 Primary, Wednesday 02/09 M&S)

Please ensure participating children arrive at school on time on those days. Middle and Secondary students will need their iPads to be fully charged.

Looking forward to seeing great results from all our participating College students.

Trish Summers and Corrine Sganzerla, College ICAS Coordinators

Father's Day Stalls

Father’s Day is coming up and we are back with our Father’s Day stalls for Pre-Prep & Primary School happening this week. Our Father’s Day Stall is an opportunity for our children to purchase gifts for Dads, Grandads and other significant men in their lives to honour them on Father’s Day.

Date: Monday, 31 August & Thursday, 3 September

Date: Wednesday, 2 September

CLICK here for more information regarding the Father’s Day Stall.

Year 2 Stay Late

This week on Thursday, 3 September Year 2 will be having their Year 2 Stay Late from 3.00-7.00pm. We are excited for this evening as I’m sure you might be too. We have several rotations planned as well as a pizza dinner. If you have any questions please contact your class teacher.

Staff Development & Student Free Day

This week on Friday, 4 September we have a state wide Staff Development and Student Free Day. We pray that you will have the best long weekend full of laughter, joy, adventure and relaxing.

If you are stuck on what to do over the weekend or have run out of activity ideas we always have a number of ideas that you can check out on our College Pinterest account. CLICK here to view Brisbane Christian College Pinterest boards.

Book Week

Our Book Week theme this year is “Curious Minds”. We are focusing on encouraging creativity, enquirying in learning and an interest in both fiction and non-fiction books. Book Week will run from Monday, 14 September – Friday, 18 September at the Primary Campus.

This year as we celebrate “Curious Minds” for Book Week, there will be some modified events. We are unfortunately unable to have parents, caregivers or friends on campus this year for our Costume Parade, but be assured that we will post as many photos and videos as possible!

The Costume Parade is set for the last day of Term 3, Friday, 18 September. We encourage you to help your child create a costume that is improvised from items that you have on hand. We are not expecting anyone to spend money on new costumes, but our judges will be looking for creativity. We hope that children can participate in this event in a spirit of fun and mutual enjoyment without focusing on being competitive.

Our annual Reading Competition will commence Monday, 24 August and run until Friday, 11 September. Classroom teachers will hand out forms for this. We encourage you to please read the information on the front page of the entry form that will come home. Late entries will not be accepted. Pizza party prizes will be awarded to winning classes in each of Lower, Middle and Upper Primary. Special dietary needs will be taken into account for these events.

This year our Book Fair will be run online, due to COVID-19 restrictions. More information will be sent home regarding this. It will involve ordering online, with books being delivered directly to your home address. We are excited at the range of classic and Christian literature that is available.

We are looking forward to encouraging your children to participate in these and other activities, as we seek to promote an enjoyment and passion for learning and reading.

For any further questions, please contact Mrs Alison Collins at

Teacher Aide Appreciation Week

This week is Teacher Aide Appreciation Week. We would like to take the time to say a massive thank you to all our Teacher Assistants and Support Staff who are a vital part of Brisbane Christian College.

Thank you to:

Alexa Robinson Jessica Donald Natalie Geerthuis
Alison Collins Jessica Salmon Nichole David
Angela Buto Jessica Stevens Nicole Baggen
Annette Jastremski Joanne Rickards Nicole Van Hout
Bec Johnston Jocelyn Asquith Oscar Hurtado
Ben Riddel Joel Latta Patricia Summers
Carmel Noack John Zelinski Pearl-Anne Claassen
Carol Sorrensen Jordan Bariesheff Ray Palmer
Colleen Wong Joseph Thompson Rebekah Robinson
Corinne Sganzerla Jovelyn Francia Robert Mowday
David McNamara Karen Austin Robert Savonoff
Derek Tang Kim Callcott Ruth Duncan
Dermot O’Grady Kim Yeates Sandra Lai
Eva Earle Kirti Patlur Sandra O’Grady
Evelyn Hung Kylie Dallow Sheree Potts
Faith Dutton Lara Cox Steph Hill
Fiona Bangay Leslie Ninness Steve Golden
Fiona Cleland Lewis Gebbett Teylah Thompson
Fiona Paschke Loris Henry Tiarna Redfern
Gerry Heneghan Mary Spurway Timothy Hope
Glenice Gardiner Michael Baumgartner Todd Williams
Heather Dettrick Michaela Bönker Trevor Wright
Hiromi Wazawa Michaela Rutherford Trish Riddell
James Collins Michelle Condon Vicky Hickling
Jamie Hill Miriama Waqa Yuliana Djunaidi
Janine Daveta Mirrie Ndungu

Health Stations

Brisbane Christian College will continue with daily temperature checks at health stations and on school buses each morning, particularly through this winter season. All children or staff with cold or flu symptoms or a temperature over 37.5 degrees will be immediately sent home. If your child is unwell or has a high temperature, please keep them home.

Middle and Secondary Campus Information

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- August 31, 2020

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