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College Awards

During the year and on Awards Evening, the following awards are given to students in recognition of outstanding achievement as outlined below:

Brisbane Christian College Dux: (Year 12). Student with the highest academic results.
Academic Improvement Award: Secondary Students who have increased their GPA by 3 points (15 point scale) in 12 months
Academic Excellence Award: Students who achieve a GPA of over 13
Christian Character Medallion: (Prep to 12). One student in every year level who consistently exemplifies Christ-like behaviour. Recipients will also display a high level of participation in class devotions and chapel times.
College Values Award: Students who exemplify the College values.
Sports Person of the Year: (Primary, Middle School and Secondary). The top all-round students who are fully involved in the College’s sporting program and consistently demonstrate a high level of achievement and sportsmanship.
Outstanding Achievement in Sports are given to students who achieve outstanding achievement in sport outside the College where students have earned selection in a Met West Region team to compete at state level or higher.
Music Award: (Primary, Middle School and Secondary). Students who demonstrate outstanding skill and contribution to the College music program.
English as an Additional Language/Dialect Award: The student who excels in the subject of EALD.
Community Awards: (Various). Awards sponsored by community organisations to acknowledge students who exemplify the College values.
Expedition Badge: Bronze, silver and gold badges are earned by demonstrating leadership, teamwork, cooperation, environmental care, problem solving, planning, navigation, safety and camp craft on College outdoor education expedition camps.

All students are encouraged to become involved in the wider life of the College and in doing so enhance their school community. Students who are fully involved are more likely to be successful and enjoy their time at school.

Students who have participated in and demonstrated skill and commitment to the areas of Culture, Debating, Music, Service and Sport may become eligible to achieve a College Colour in the form of a commendation, pin, bar or badge.

An outline of the requirements for each is given below. For more specific details please refer all enquires to the teacher in charge.

College Colour Awards

Culture (Yellow)
The Culture Colour Award acknowledges students who are active participants in promoting the culture of the College through performance and is granted to any student who is committed to excellence in their selected role.

To receive such an award, it is expected that students demonstrate the following:

  • Selection as part of a choir or musical production – this can be as either cast or crew
  • Committed attendance to rehearsal and performance schedule
  • Exemplary behaviour at all times
  • A positive attitude throughout the entire process, from audition to performance
  • Diligence in knowing lines and requirements for character role or requirements as crew.

Debating (Blue)
The Debating Colour Award acknowledges students who are a member of a College debating team and have displayed a commitment to their team’s preparation, including consistent researching and conferencing.

Students must also:

  • participate in at least three QDU debates
  • attend all debating meetings, showing commitment to punctuality
  • chair and or time keep at least one school and or out of school debate.

Music (White)
The Music Colour Award acknowledges participation in a variety of bands and musical ensembles. Students are expected to show commitment, continued dedication, progress and positive attitude.

  • A minimum of seven points is required with points awarded as follows:
  • Two points:  Music Concert, Fete, College Celebration Service, Open Evening (outside school hours)
  • One point: Assembly solos, Open Morning (during school hours), Concert solo, Awards Evening
  • One point: Behaviour and attitude for class time activities or behaviour and punctuality to outside class time activities.

Sport (Green)

The Sport Colour Awards acknowledge the participation and contribution a student has made to the College sporting department in a range of activities. Students are eligible to receive this award if:

  • They accumulate 7 points over the academic year to achieve a Sport Bar/Pin/Badge; or
  • They have attained a Sports Contribution Award (4-6 points) in each year of Middle/Secondary School

Earn Age Champion award at College Swimming/Cross Country/Athletics Carnival = 1 point

Gala competition (Year 6 only) = 2 points for participation in training and competition per semester

Coaching a Year 5/6 Gala Sport team = 1 point per competition per semester

Competing in the College Tennis Championship = 1 point

Representation in College sporting teams at external competitions, including but not limited to ISSA/Uhlsport Cups, Schools Cups and QLD Christian Schools competitions  = 1 point for each

Queensland Schools Sport Competition (District, Regional, State trials) = 1 point per trial or championship

At CSSAQ, District or Regional Swimming/Cross Country/Athletics Competitions:

Placing in top 6 overall in an event = 1 point

Outstanding Achievement in Sport Awards:

Students who achieve and represent the Metropolitan West Region in Queensland School Sport State Championships or higher will each be recognised with separate recognition at the Sport Awards Evening. This will also include competitions outside of regular school sporting competitions where students have earned selection in State teams or equivalent to compete at National and International level.

Service (Purple)
The Service Colour Award acknowledges the outstanding voluntary service given to the College and wider community by individual students.

Examples of service would include involvement in the Leo Club, member of the Student Executive (Captains, Prefects and student ambassadors), members of the College Student Council, volunteering at any of the College sporting or cultural events, volunteering at any of the College promotional events or carrying out duties as directed by a staff member at events such as fairs, sports carnivals and fundraising events. Any nominees’ contributions must be helpful to the staff and improve the running of the event.