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Middle & Secondary Personal Excellence

Life Church Vision

To reach people with the love, grace and power of the Gospel by building a large, Bible-based church where the presence of God is seen and felt, empowering people to lead in every area of life.
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College Mission

Brisbane Christian College provides quality, holistic education that is both Christ-centred and innovative; encouraging confident, creative, life-long learners.

Our community equips its members to become resourceful servant leaders who live with dignity and care for others to the glory of God.

College Vision

Brisbane Christian College, as a Ministry of Life Church Brisbane, is the preferred place of learning. Our community empowers students to live Christ-focused lives. We aspire for excellence and equip our members to achieve their maximum potential.

College Values

  • Honour Jesus Christ
  • Empower others
  • Aspire to excellence
  • Respect others and self
  • Develop dynamic relationships.

College Logo

At the centre of the logo is a dual representation of both the risen, victorious Christ and the enthusiastic, energetic and elated student.
The logo depicts three elements which symbolise three different aspects of the student – academic, personal (physical and emotional) and spiritual.
These three elements also represent the partnership between the College, the family and their church in raising the child.

Brisbane Christian College is a ministry of Life Church

Mobile Phones and Electronic Devices

At Brisbane Christian College all of our children have access to many IT and digital resources to assist them in their learning and education in the classroom. There is no need for children to bring mobile phones to  the College for educational purposes.

It is acknowledged that many of our children now carry mobile phones for added security for before and after school. Where this is the case children must not have the phone on their person once they school day has commenced. Mobile phones must be either handed in and collected at Student Services at the College Office, or placed in their locker for the duration of the school day.

Mobile phones sighted during the school day, whether during class time or break time, will be removed from the child and returned to them at the completion of the day. A child who repeatedly does not comply with this policy, will have their phone removed and their parent contacted to collect it.

Where a parent wishes to get in contact with their child during the school day, they can continue to do so by calling the College Office. Where a child wishes to contact their parent, they can also continue to do so via the College phones.

Use of College IT Services and Equipment

The College provides students with access to the College’s computer systems, which includes internet access and laptops. The College retains control over data and materials on IT computer systems. Students are not to bring their own devices to school without prior approval from their Head of Year.

Controls are in place to limit access and usage. Workstations, data, internet and printer use are monitored and logged. All teachers and staff have access to student data and students should not store confidential information on College systems.

Students should ensure security of their documents from other students by using a complex password and must not give this password to other students.  

College electronic systems are not to be used in a way that could defame, harass, abuse, bully, threaten, disrespect or offend other users, individuals or organisations. Students must not create, access, download, upload, post, distribute, store, print or display any form of offensive, defamatory, discriminatory, malicious, pornographic, explicit, hate, vulgar, rude, profane, illegal or otherwise inappropriate material. Students are not to impersonate anyone else or use anyone else’s login.  

A breach of the College IT policies may result in disciplinary measures which include but are not limited to loss of privilege to access the College’s IT system and the user account being suspended or deactivated.

If a student ‘stumbles upon’ a website or other content which may be considered inappropriate or should be inaccessible, turn off your monitor (not the computer) and immediately notify the teacher or staff member supervising the class. This will serve as a defence if you are called to account for records showing access or use of this content.

Any faults are to be reported to the IT Department or your teacher. Do not attempt repairs yourself. Do not add or remove software, labels, cables, change settings, icons and application short-cuts. No programs are to be brought in on or run from USB, CD/DVD or other removable media. Attempts to violate or bypass any monitoring or security is unacceptable.

Students from Years 3-12 and their parents or caregivers must sign an IT policy agreement upon enrolment.

Student Printing

Middle and Secondary School students are able to print to the multifunction photocopier located in the Resource Centre and Primary School students are able to print to the multifunction photocopier in the Computer Lab.

When printing, students select ‘Follow Me Student’ from the drop down menu when selecting a printer.

Students can release their print jobs via the PIN Pad located on the photocopier using their 5-digit PIN.

If Students forget their PIN combination they can retrieve it from Student Services.

New students can register for printing at Student Services.

Students can purchase more printing credit from Student Services.


Students are expected to arrive at the College by 8.30am.
Students who regularly arrive late to school miss important notices and instructional time and disrupt classes. Arriving at 8.30am will allow students to be ready for their first class which begins promptly at 8:40am. If a student arrives late to school they are to sign in at the Student Services Window. Detentions will not be given where there is a legitimate reason for being late and the parent or caregiver provides a signed note in the diary. The note must be presented to the Student Services Window when signing in.

Students should move promptly to class at the conclusion of morning tea and lunch. A warning bell is rung five minutes before lessons begin to help facilitate this. Students are to ensure they are prepared for each session and are not to go to their bags or the toilets between lessons.